Hormone Support

Hormones have a huge effect on our body and emotions, and if they're out of whack, the "ripples" can be felt in all aspects of our lives! Happily, essential oils can help support hormonal balance.

In The Aromatherapy Companion, Victoria Edwards recommends these two blends to support hormonal balance:

Male Hormonal Balancing Blend
-10 drops Bergamot essential oil
-2 drops Chamomile essential oil
-6 drops Sandalwood essential oil
-3 drops Lemon essential oil
-2 oz apricot oil (or carrier oil of choice)

Female Hormonal Balancing Blend
-10 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil
-2 drops Jasmine essential oil (can sub more Ylang Ylang or omit)
-3 drops Patchouli essential oil
-3 drops Clove essential oil
-3 drops Geranium essential oil
-2 oz apricot oil or carrier oil of choice

Simply mix all ingredients in a 2oz bottle and shake well to combine. Use as a massage oil.

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