Men's Blend

Here is something for the men out there. Many times the essential oil blends we post or even sell can smell a bit flowery and some men don't like to use them other than on their feet. Here is a custom blend that I created from my favorite exotic, woodsy oils with a hint of citrus. I combined the oils in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil for convenience. I like to wear this blend as deodorant or cologne. And I also like using this on my son for those times when he’s feeling angry or agitated.

Vetiver is a very thick oil so combining it this way with a carrier oil makes the oil thinner and easier to apply. Use a glass dropper to get the appropriate amount of Vetiver in your blend. It’s much cleaner this way. Once your blend is complete, apply to wrists or back of neck when needed.

Glass roller bottle
10 drops Spark Naturals Vetiver (reduces tension)
10 drops Spark Naturals Cypress (calming)
10 drops Spark Naturals Eucalyptus (relieves stress)
15 drops Spark Naturals Grapefruit (anti-depressant)
Top off roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil

NOTE: Citrus oils can awaken and increase energy levels. Use with caution if you’re applying this blend late at night or right before bedtime. You could do more or less Grapefruit to meet your needs and preference.



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