DIY Aftershave with essential oils

diy aftershave with essential oils
Sometimes it can be hard to find essential oil recipes that don't have a strong floral or feminine scent. 
If you or someone you love falls into this category, this simple DIY woodsy aftershave is PERFECTION! Bonus: It can also double as a toner.
DIY Aftershave
-4 oz Spark Naturals Witch Hazel
-3-7 drops essential oils (see combinations below)
Original Woodsy:
-3-4 drops Sandalwood EO
-1 drop Ginger EO
-4 drops Melaleuca
-2-3 drops Lavender (optional)
Earthy (this is a personal favorite!):
-3 drops Sandalwood EO
-2 drops SN Melaleuca EO
-1 drops SN Vetiver EO
-1 drops SN Lemongrass EO
Don't know what to put it in? We have a 4oz glass spray bottle that would be PERFECT for this aftershave:…/4oz-blue-glass-bottle-w-black-fi…
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