Rough Monday Diffuser Blends

Mondays can be rough. Why not plan for tomorrow and get ready for it today! Do you wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep? We've compiled a list of diffuser blends to combat fatigue and get that spring back in your step:

Jet Lag Blend
-2 drops SN Grapefruit EO
-2 drops SN Lime EO
-2 drops SN Lavender EO

Burnout Blend
-3 drops SN Bergamot EO
-1 drop SN Vetiver EO
-1 drop SN Lavender EO

Exhaustion Blend
-3 drops SN Eucalyptus EO
-2 drops SN Rosemary EO
-1 drop SN Grapefruit EO

Thesis Brain Blend
-3 drops SN Rosemary EO
-2 drops SN Black Pepper EO
-1 drop SN Peppermint EO

Stressful Changes Blend
-3 drops SN Ylang Ylang EO
-1 drop SN Frankincense EO
-1 drop SN Lavender EO

Major Downer Blend
-3 drops SN Vetiver EO
-2 drops SN Bergamot EO
-1 drop SN Roman Chamomile EO


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