DIY Anti-Acne Serum

Did you know that Hemp Seed Oil can be wonderful for acne? We've combined Spark Naturals Organic Hemp Seed Oil with Lavender and Melaleuca EO to form a beneficial anti-acne serum.

DIY Anti-Acne Serum
You will need:
-1oz glass dropper bottle
-30 drops Lavender essential oil
-15 drops Melaleuca essential oil
-Spark Naturals Hemp Seed Oil

Combine in dropper bottle, beginning with EOs and filling with Hemp Seed Oil. Roll to combine and apply a few drops over face morning and night after toner.

Spark Naturals Hemp Seed Oil is non-comedogenic, which means that it will not clog your pores. I tried some the other day and I was amazed how quickly it absorbed and how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards!

Hemp Seed Oil is also anti-inflammatory and nourishing to the skin, which makes it a fantastic choice for helping reduce acne inflammation, support healing from old scars, and help reduce the appearance of new blemishes!

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