DIY Myrrh and Aloe Aftershave

Looking for an AMAZING DIY project for a special man in your life? Take a look at this powerful anti-inflammatory aftershave with Myrrh and Carrot Seed essential oil!

Featured in Hands-on Healing Remedies (available on, this recipe stars two powerful essential oils that will keep ingrown hairs at bay and nicks healing quickly.

Myrrh and Aloe Anti-Inflammatory Aftershave
-1/2 c aloe vera juice
-1/2 c witch hazel
-1/2 tsp vegetable glycerin
-25 drops Myrrh essential oil
-10 drops Carrot Seed essential oil

Combine the aloe vera juice, witch hazel, glycerin, and myrrh and carrot seed essential oils in a bottle and shake vigorously to blend. Label and store. This remedy is quite refreshing when chilled.

To apply: Shake well before each use. Apply generously immediately after shaving as a facial splash or with cotton pads. Follow with your favorite light moisturizer, if desired.

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