Essential oils and pregnancy

ESSENTIAL OIL EDUCATION: Essential oils and pregnancy!

We often get questions about essential oil usage in pregnancy. We ALWAYS recommend that you discuss the usage of essential oils directly with your care provider. Additionally, we found a great list to share in Essential Aromatherapy, available on

Essential Oils Which Generally Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy:
-Juniper Berry
-Clary Sage
-Pimento Berry
-Parsley Seed

Additionally, due to increased sensitivity and changes in skin pigmentation, Essential Aromatherapy advises caution in usage of citrus oils or oils that may cause skin irritation and suggests reducing the amount of essential oils used in a blend by half.

We also recommend caution using stimulating essential oils such as Peppermint as some believe they may cause contractions.

Most importantly, please discuss essential oil usage with your care provider!

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