Addiction and Essential Oils

QUICK TIP: Addiction and essential oils!

Are you trying to break an addiction as part of your new year's resolutions? Many aromatherapists and others have long used scent and essential oils as supportive tools for breaking bad habits or addictions.

According to Essential Aromatherapy (link below), there are several essential oils which can be used to support addiction recovery, including:

-Roman Chamomile essential oil
-Clary Sage essential oil
-Bergamot essential oil
-Juniper Berry essential oil
-Lavender essential oil
-Ylang Ylang essential oil

Any combination of these essential oils would work in a diffuser, and many people believe that selecting the essential oils that smell best to you is a good practice for choosing between your options.

You could also try a massage oil (use 10-30 drops of essential oil per 1oz of carrier oil) or put a few drops in a bath.

Avoid putting Bergamot on skin before exposure to direct sunlight, though - it can increase your likelihood of a burn!

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