Green Cleaning: Windows and Mirrors

Trying to go green in 2015? One of the EASIEST green cleaning switches to make is glass and mirror cleaner. See below for a great recipe!

Green Window + Mirror Cleaner
-5 drops LLP Allergy Blend (can sub Lemon and/or Melaleuca)
-2 T vinegar
-8oz PET spray bottle
-filtered or distilled water

Directions: Simply combine vinegar and essential oils in spray bottle, then fill to the top with water. Shake well and use as you would normal glass cleaner.

PRO TIP: Use crumpled newspapers for an economical and streak-free, lint-free shine!


  1. This is probably the most frugal and versatile non-toxic cleaner. White vinegar is a safe and natural disinfectant that, mixed in a 1/1 ratio with water, can clean everything from floor to ceiling in pretty much any room, including mirrors and window. You should not, however use vinegar on porous natural surfaces like marble or granite.

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