RESEARCH: Thyme EO for Cramp Relief

RESEARCH: Thyme essential oil vs ibuprofen for cramp relief!

This EXCITING new research (published in 2014) compared the effect of Thyme essential oil and ibuprofen on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea. The clinical study was conducted on 84 students of Babol University of Medical Sciences with primary dysmenorrhea. The students were randomly assigned to three groups receiving thyme essential oil, ibuprofen and placebo. In all three groups, with the beginning of pain, 200 mg capsules and 25 drops of essential oil were given every 6 hours for two consecutive cycles.

The results? Both drugs (thyme essential oil and ibuprofen) were effective in reducing the severity of dysmenorrheal pain. But the pain decreased more in thymus vulgaris group versus ibuprofen. Pain reduction between these two groups was not [statiscially] significant, but the differences between the placebo group and each of the other groups were statistically significant.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Thyme essential oil worked as well as ibuprofen and even a small amount better to reduce dysmenorrheal pain.

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