Often, customers ask us how we formulate diffuser blends. Part of that can be a desire to try to support certain positive emotions or lessen negative ones as detailed in the book The Fragrant Mind. For example, we have included information from this book on citrus oils in our new Citrus kit! These oils are great used in combination or with other oils for wonderful, uplifting diffuser blends.

Use for these positive attributes: joyfulness, positivity, confidence, clarity, balance, attuning, alert, inspiration, generosity, uplifting, emotional purification, spontaneity, cooperation.

Use to counteract these negative attributes: depression, dependency, sadness, grief, apathy, mental pressure, mental exhaustion, emotional violence, self-doubt, self-criticism, aggravation, frustration.

Use for these positive attributes: joy, emotional clarity, direction, awareness, calmness, concentration, liveliness, consciousness, strength, mental clarity, memory, emotional invigoration.

Use to counteract these negative attributes: resentfulness, depression, bitterness, touchiness, apathy, lethargy, humorlessness, indecisiveness, bad attitudes, distrust, mental blocks, stress, mental fatigue, turmoil, irrationality, fear.

LIME - not featured in The Fragrant Mind.

Use for these positive attributes: joy, uplifting, sunny, balance, light-heartedness, regeneration, strength, creativity, positivity, self-confidence, sympathy, courage.

Use to counteract these negative attributes: depression, hopelessness, sadness, apathy, resignation, emotional withdrawal, self-consciousness, anxiety, emotional violence, emotional abuse, worry, selfishness, obsessions, addition, burnout.

Of course, this information from The Fragrant Mind is not intended to treat any medical condition nor should it replace advice from your doctor. Take good care of yourself and have fun!

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