Laundry with Essential Oils

Do you wish you could dry your clothes this way and get the smell of wild flowers?

It's practically useless to put essential oils in the wash or even in the rinse - the scent left behind after drying is almost non-existent. Other tips we have tried say to put a few drops on a wash cloth and throw it into the dryer. That doesn't work either, as the heat of the dryer kills any scent the oils may have imparted.

Here's the key to maximizing the scent from essential oils and if you ask us, it works very well!!!

Wash and dry your laundry as usual. Once the laundry is dry, drizzle about 1/4 teaspoon of essential oil on a wash cloth, throw it into the dryer, and run the dryer on NO HEAT setting for about 10-15 mins. You will have naturally and heavenly scented laundry like never before. Adjust the amount of essential oil up or down depending on how strong of scent you like.


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