Nourish-Your-Nails Oil

Do you have dry, brittle, or cracking nails? Aside from checking with your care provider to assess nutritional needs, you might try this nourishing nail oil from Organic Body Care Recipes:

Nourish-Your-Nails Oil
-20 drops Spark Naturals Lavender essential oil
-10 drops Spark Naturals Lemon essential oil
-1 T Spark Naturals Sweet Almond Oil
-1 T jojoba oil

Add essential oils into a glass storage bottle and then add the carrier oils. Shake vigorously for 2 minutes to blend and warm to body temperature. Place in a cool, dark location for 24 hours to synergize.

To use: apply 1 drop to each nail nightly and massage in with your fingers or a flannel cloth. Massage for 1 minute per nail.

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