Holiday Wind-Down Evening Suggestions

Something tells me a LOT of us might need this tonight to help EVERYONE unwind from an eventful afternoon and evening!

Dream is a fantastic blend to get ready for a good night of sleep, but have you ever tried diffusing Zen before bedtime? Zen is a calming, relaxing blend and it can be a great way to help wind down.

Massage oil:
Kids can get especially wound up on holidays with a combination of late bedtimes, over-stimulation, and, in the case of Halloween, tons of sugar. Try this massage oil blend before bed:
-1 tablespoon carrier oil of choice
-1-2 drops Spark Naturals Lavender essential oil
-1-2 drops Spark Naturals Roman Chamomile essential oil

You can also place one drop of Lavender essential oil on a favorite stuffed toy for them to snuggle.

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