RESEARCH: Clove Bud Essential Oil and Scabies

RESEARCH: We found an article online regarding the use of Clove Bud essential oil on scabies ("itch") mites. It's amazing how the body of research regarding essential oil keeps growing!

This 2010 Australian study tested the effect of three essential oils (Clove Bud, Nutmeg, and Ylang Ylang) on scabies mites from swine (non-resistant) and rabbits (permethrin-resistant). It found that "clove oil was highly toxic against scabies mites. Nutmeg oil had moderate toxicity and ylang ylang oil was the least toxic. Eugenol, a major component of clove oil and its analogues –acetyleugenol and isoeugenol, demonstrated levels of toxicity comparable to benzyl benzoate, the positive control acaricide, killing mites within an hour of contact."

The study concluded that the mite-killing properties exhibited by eugenol (a main component in clove bud oil) and its analogues "show promise as leads for future development of alternative topical acaricides to treat scabies."

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