DIY Natural Foot Powder

If you're anything like us, the warmer weather may have pushed you back into exercising more - which might mean that your sneakers could use a freshening up!

Try this natural foot powder:
-4 T baking soda
-4 T cornstarch (or 4 T more of baking soda)
-8 drops Spark Naturals Melaleuca essential oil
-8 drops Spark Naturals Lavender essential oil

Mix the dry ingredients and gradually add the oils, stirring to combine. Sprinkle lightly into shoes after use, let them sit for several hours or overnight, and tap them out before putting them back on. Over time, you should see a reduction in shoe odor.

Alternatively, you can take a page out of One Good Thing By Jillee's book and put the mix inside old nylons or socks, tying them off, and then stuffing them inside your shoes.


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