Autumnal & Seasonal Diffuser Blends

Are you someone that loves autumn and the holiday season? We've got you in mind today with this collection of seasonal diffuser blends!

Thanksgiving Diffuser Blend
-1 drop SN Ginger EO
-1 drop SN Cinnamon Bark EO
-2 drops SN Coriander EO
-1 drop SN Clove EO

Treehugger Autumn Diffuser Blend
-3 drops SN Wild Orange EO
-2 drops SN Patchouli EO
-1 drop SN Ginger EO

Frankincense & Myrrh Diffuser Blend
-2 drops SN Frankincense EO
-2 drops SN Myrrh EO
-1 drop SN Cypress EO
-2 drops SN Tangerine EO

Crisp Air & Citrus Diffuser Blend
-3 drops SN White Fir EO
-2 drops SN Peppermint EO
-2 drops SN Bergamot EO

Woodsy Winter Day Diffuser Blend
(h/t Patti's Place)
-3 drops SN Birch EO
-3 drops SN Cypress EO
-3 drops SN White Fir EO
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