Nighttime Relaxing Diffuser Blends

It's been a long week - put your feet up and relax tonight! Enjoy one of these relaxing diffuser blends (with blends) we've put together for you and remember - its almost the weekend!

1. Spicy Dream Blend: get into a routine of diffusing Spark Naturals Dream blend while you sleep! Simply add the blend to your diffuser per the manufacturer's instructions. If desired, add to the spicy aroma by adding Spark Naturals Clove essential oil:
-3 drops Spark Naturals Dream Blend
-2 drops Spark Naturals Clove essential oil

2. Nighttime Bliss Diffuser Blend: Spark Naturals' Bliss Blend is fantastic diffused alone, but you can also combine it with Clary Sage and Geranium essential oils at night!
-3 drops Spark Naturals Bliss Blend
-1 drop Spark Naturals Clary Sage essential oil
-1 drop Spark Naturals Geranium essential oil

3. Stressful Day Diffuser Blend: LXR is one of my favorite blends for supporting a healthy response to stressful days. I love to diffuse LXR with Bergamot essential oil which has uplifting properties. Some people find Bergamot to be energizing, but I diffuse it while I sleep combined with LXR or Zen and I haven't had any problems - I just love the scent!
-2 drops Spark Naturals Bergamot essential oil
-3 drops Spark Naturals LXR Anxiety Blend

What are your favorite nighttime diffuser blends?

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