DIY Gardener Hands Sugar Scrub

Hands can take a beating during the summer if you're a big gardener - soften things up with this DIY hand scrub!

DIY Gardener Hands Sugar Scrub
(makes enough for one use)
-1.5 t coconut oil (non-fractionated)
-1 t Spark Naturals Sweet Almond Oil
-2-3 drops Spark Naturals essential oil (try Geranium or Grapefruit)
-1.25 t raw sugar

Directions: Mix all ingredients well except the sugar; add sugar and stir just to combine. Transfer mixture to hands and work over them, concentrating on areas that are particularly rough. Allow scrub to sit for a minute or two, then rub the mixture off your hands and rinse with water (no soap!). Wipe dry with a towel and go hold someone's hand!

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