Get Me Through Thursday Diffuser Blends

Thursday looking a bit rough? We've got you covered with these three "get me through" blends!

Energizing, Grounding Blend:
-3 drops SN Frankincense EO
-1 drop SN White Fir EO
-1 drop SN Lime EO

Herb Garden "Brain Power" Blend:
-2 drops SN Rosemary EO
-2 drops SN Lavender EO
-1 drop SN Basil EO

Calm Happiness Blend:
-2 drops SN Bergamot EO
-2 drops SN Lime EO
-1 drop SN Coriander EO
-1 drop SN Clary Sage EO

You've got this! Have a great eo-boosted Thursday!


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