Get Me Going Diffuser Blends

It's raining where I am this morning which always makes it harder to get out of bed. Today we have three "get me going" diffuser blends!

Green & Fresh Diffuser Blend
•3 drops SN Bergamot EO
•2 drops SN Cypress EO
•1 drop SN White Fir EO
•1 drop SN Eucalptus EO (opt)

Minty Citrus Diffuser Blend
•2 drops SN Tangerine EO
•2 drops SN Lime EO
•1 drop SN Spearmint EO

Room Refresher Diffuser Blend
•3 drops SN White Fir EO
•1 drop SN Cilantro EO
•2 drops SN Melaleuca EO
•2 drops SN Peppermint EO


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