Clean your Front-Loading Washing Machine

Do you wish your laundry came out of your washing machine smelling as good as a summer's day? Do you have a front loading washing machine and have a mildew smell?

The sour odor in your laundry is due to water build up in the bottom rubber seal that seals the door water tight when the door is closed! The gasket should be peeled back a little and wiped down. Water collects here unnoticed and and creates a mold problem that affects the freshness each load of laundry. Use a damp cloth that with a few drops of Lavender or Melaleuca.

Then do a "Cleaning" cycle and add 1 cup of white vinegar with 5-6 drops of Spark Naturals Lavender or Melaleuca essential oil. If you do not have a cleaning cycle, do a normal wash cycle with hot water and follow the same mix of essential oils and white vinegar.


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