Roasted Artichokes with Lemon EO

Do you love artichokes? I do! Try this essential oil-boosted preparation recipe for roasted artichokes to up your kitchen game.

You will need:
-2 cloves of peeled garlic
-2 fresh artichokes
-4 T olive oil
-2-4 drops Spark Naturals Lemon Essential Oil
-heavy-duty aluminum foil

1. Preheat the oven to 450F.
2. Cut off the top third of each artichoke, trim the stem, and gently loosen the leaves.
3. If needed, use a knife to make a garlic clove-sized hole in the middle of the artichokes and place one clove of garlic in each.
4. Mix the olive oil and EO and drizzle half over the top of each artichoke (stick stem-side down in a bowl).
5. Wrap securely in heavy-duty foil and place stem-down in an oven-safe dish.
6. Roast for 45-55 minutes until tender and enjoy warm!

My favorite way to enjoy this recipe is dipped in grass-fed butter with Italian seasoning in it. Mm-mm!


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