Car Carpet Cleaner

Does your car have a stale smell in it? We've all been there (especially if you have kids!) and this car carpet cleaner with essential oils can make getting into your car a breath of fresh air!

Car Carpet Cleaner
-3/4 c baking soda
-1/4 c corn starch (non-gmo; can sub more baking soda)
-1/2 t grated unscented castile soap (optional)
-30 drops Spark Naturals Melaleuca essential oil
-15 drops Spark Naturals Eucalyptus essential oil
-5 drops Spark Naturals Sandalwood essential oil

Directions: Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Sprinkle powder on car carpets and use an old (clean) toothbrush to work mixture into any problem areas or stains. Allow to sit for 1 hour or overnight and vacuum up.

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