Natural Flea Repellent for Dogs

Having flea problems? Try this flea repellent!

Flea Repellent Spray for Dogs
-3/4 c water
-1/4 c Spark Naturals Witch Hazel
-2 drops Spark Naturals Cedarwood EO
-2 drops Spark Naturals Citronella EO
-2 drops Spark Naturals Lavender EO
-2 drops Spark Naturals Melaleuca EO

Combine all ingredients in a PET plastic, stainless steel, or glass spray bottle. Shake well before using and spray on your dog's coat daily, avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth and concentrating on the legs and base of the tail. Always watch for signs of irritation and dilute further if necessary - some dogs are more sensitive than others!

Do not use this formula on cats.


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