Dry Brushing for Lymphatic Health

Have you ever used a natural bristle brush for stimulating the lymphatic system?

I normally dry brush every time I shower but I got out of my routine and hadn't done it for a while. I did it this morning and it makes such a difference! Plus, Smooth smells and feels amazing.

Dry brushing is beneficial as it stimulates circulation, helps remove dead skin, helps improve the appearance of the skin (appears more toned and tightened due to increased circulation) and can help clear the pores, among many other potential benefits!

Spark Naturals Smooth cellulite blend is the perfect compliment to dry brushing with a proprietary blend of pure essential oils that help with cellulite and lymph health.

Brush in small, short circular motions towards the heart (I prefer toe to head, but there are many helpful diagrams online), bathe or shower, and then apply Smooth with your favorite carrier oil or moisturizer to your preferred dilution.

At only $6.30 for the 5ml bottle, Smooth is very affordable! Get yours today.


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