Natural Pilates or Yoga Mat Cleaner

Do you love yoga or pilates? Do you NOT love the smell of your mat? Here is a great way to keep it clean and fresh every day!

Natural DIY Yoga or Pilates Mat Cleaner

3 drops of Spark Naturals Melaleuca essential oil
2 drops of Spark Naturals Peppermint essential oil
2 drops of Spark Naturals Lavender essential oil
Distilled water (3-4oz) small glass spray bottle

1. Spray your yoga mat cleaner liberally over the surface of your mat. If your mat seems especially dirty, let the cleanser sit and soak in a bit before cleaning it off.

2. Wipe the yoga mat with a wet cloth or sponge. When the cleanser has been thoroughly removed, rub the mat down with a soft dry cloth, like a small towel or washcloth. Now repeat on the other side.

3. Allow your mat to air dry, which should take only about 5 to 10 minutes. If it takes longer than this, try rubbing your mat down more with the towel to remove the excess water and speed up the drying time.


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