DIY Fly Repellent Jars

Are you going camping or planning on eating outdoors this weekend?

Be sure to pack a few of these easy and inexpensive DIY Fly Repellent jars! They take minutes to make and help keep your dining experience enjoyable and bug-free.

DIY Fly Repellent Jars
You will need:
-small glass containers or mason jars
-clean sponges
-essential oils of choice (we recommend Spark Naturals Nature Outdoor Blend and/or Lemongrass, Citronella, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils).

Cut your sponge to fit your container and fill 1/3 with essential oil and 2/3 with water, leaving some space with air at the top. Close tightly, shake for 30 seconds, and, if possible, allow to sit overnight. Pack with camping supplies and place on the table with food, opening the lid when you sit down to eat to help repel flies and other flying pests.

You're going to wish you'd been doing this for years!


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