Peppermint-Chocolate Protein Snack Balls

Lately I've been struggling to remember to eat breakfast in the morning! Time to make a batch of these delicious and super-convenient and delicious Peppermint-Chocolate Protein Snack Balls. 

You will need:
•2-3 drops Spark Naturals Peppermint essential oil
•4 T almond or peanut butter 
•1 T coconut oil melted, cooled
•1/8 c chia seeds
•1/8 c hulled hemp seeds
•3 T protein powder
•3 T cocoa or raw cacao powder
•1/8 t salt
•1/2 t real vanilla extract
•1/4 c unsweetened coconut
•1 T coconut nectar or honey

Measure and mix all ingredients in a bowl, then refrigerate for 15 minutes. Form 1" or so balls and roll in extra coconut if desired.

Store in fridge and pop one whenever you need a snack! These are a PERFECT on-the-go breakfast. 


    This is a before or after dinner mint that packs a lot more than a refreshing feeling after you consume it. This is pure delight for your taste buds.