Happy Labor Day Diffuser Blends

It's Monday again and it's a holiday! Are you trying to get motivated to enjoy this last weekend of summer? Are your kids testing your patience? Try these diffuser blends to keep your day calm, balanced, and naturally alert and motivated:

Awake and Alert Diffuser Blend:
-2 drops SN Eucalyptus EO
-2 drop SN Peppermint EO
-1 drop SN Basil EO

Calm and Collected Diffuser Blend:
-1 drop SN Vetiver EO
-2 drops SN Roman Chamomile EO
-3 drops SN Lavender EO

Breath of Fresh Air Diffuser Blend:
-2 drops SN Lime EO
-2 drops SN Lavender EO
-2 drops SN White Fir EO

Citrus Zen Diffuser Blend:
-3 drops SN Zen EO
-2 drops SN Bergamot EO

Happy Place Spicy Diffuser Blend:
-2 drops SN Frankincense EO
-2 drops SN Wild Orange EO
-1 drop SN Patchouli EO
-1 drop SN Clove EO


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