Diffuser Blends to Conquer Tuesday

We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day and took advantage of the free shipping this weekend!

Today, we have a set of super-simple diffuser blends ready to help you conquer your Tuesday!

1. Energizing calm
•3 drops SN Grapefruit EO
•2 drops SN Lavender EO

2. Joyous Zen
•2 drops SN Bergamot EO
•3 drops SN Zen Blend

3. Citrus Blossom
•4 drops SN Wild Orange EO
•1 drop SN Ylang Ylang EO

4. Clean & Green
•3 drops SN White Fir EO
•2 drops SN Lime EO
•1 drop SN Peppermint EO

5. Balanced & Centered
•3 drops SN Clary Sage EO
•2 drops SN Geranium EO

We hope you have a great day! Just think - you're a day closer to Friday than you normally are at the beginning of the week!


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